Project Description

Nancy Sutcliffe

Office Manager | Receptionist

My Biography

After graduating from the University of Portsmouth in London with a degree in English Literature and Media Studies, Nancy traveled before joining us as our Office Manager\Receptionist for the Wellington team. Nancy has worked in multiple roles within Administration including positions as a Team Administrator and Business Support Coordinator before finding her way to Velocity in her current role. The fun, supportive and social environment drew Nancy to recruitment and in particular Velocity. Enjoying everyday is crucial to Nancy’s work as she enjoys meeting new people that come through our doors and interacting with the staff at the company. Having the motivation to do her best and the willingness to pick up any job is what makes Nancy a perfect fit for the team and the reason she excels in her role.

My Why

I’ve heavily relied on job agencies over the past 3 years whilst on my travels and it’s really made me appreciate the difference they can make to people’s lives! That’s why I love working here.

My Desert Island, 3 things that I would take

Massive speakers with unlimited Spotify, my cat and a never-ending supply of strawberry daiquiris (got to stay hydrated)!

My Weekend

Exploring Wellington, going on road trips and of course having a few cheeky beverages on a Saturday night.

My Success

Working on a zucchini farm in north Queensland for 3 months was particularly challenging!

My Alternative

Being paid to travel AND save animals at the same time!